Monday, July 07, 2008

It's been a while

So this is the progression of my Cactus Cafe project. It all began when I had to choose something "architectural" to paint for my watercolor class, followed by the desire to do a study of the subject in preparation as a print. Now I know one person in particular who has been waiting for me to photograph the final outcome of the watercolor for a long time... so here it is.
1. copper plate etched and aquatinted
2. first pull without aquatint
3. Final product
4. watercolor


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I like your Cactus Cafe. It's one of this rooms, where I sometimes love, to hang around, the edge of the room a piano player...
Your print has vibes, do you like the
technics of etching? I think, it's fascinating.

Sunny greetings from Germany


Anna Hazel said...

hi Rita.
I love etching, this print is my second etch, and my first attempt at aquatint though. It's definitely something I'm going to pursue. wow, i have a reader all the way in Germany?? thanks for the support :) I checked out your website... too bad i don't speak your language, or i'd be reading it right now.

marylamb said...

that is amazing! still. i will buy one come august.

Bobby said...

Awesome! You so nailed it. It really is very very good.

Sarah Hazel said...

Love the finished product!!!!