Friday, January 23, 2015

Hard Work

It's fucking hard being an artist and trying to make a living. I know it. My husband knows it. You probably forgot it. I refuse to subject myself to the corporate world of cubicles and memos. When I have to pay the bills, I choose jobs that are interesting and stimulating, usually requiring me to be on my feet for more than eight hours straight, and coming home smelling like deli meat and with stains on my clothes. I've been places a lot of my friends have not by choosing to not be tied to a salary. I know this limits my options as I get older but fuck it, I want to be happy.

I'm writing this because I really doubt most people think that art is important or worth dedicating a life to, especially in a society where work = money = happiness.

Waking up and deciding to create something that has never been done before.
Setting your own goals and overcoming new challenges every day.
Hardly ever seeing recognition for your hard work, and recognition could be considered a pay check.
Being an introvert, but having to promote your ideas and creations or no one will.
Struggling against the main stream consensus that you have to get a "real" job to pay rent.

When people are encouraged to use their natural talents, we get space exploration, works of art, inventions, research, music, PASSION! All these things make living on Earth a little better.

Don't let anyone tell you that "you're not good enough" "you'll never make a living" "how will you ever get a job if you keep moving around?" because it's not worth being unhappy doing something you can't bear.


Hilary Hazel said...

I love your artwork! I have your painted woods with birds and your other painted wood with circus animals on display in our dining room and some more of your art in our bedroom! I can't wait to see some more Anna McNulty originals! (P.S. love the coffee table!)

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