Friday, February 24, 2012

Farmhouse Spinach & Double Cheese Plait

500 g spinach
15 g butter
1 medium leek, finely chopped
2 t chopped fresh thyme
300 g self-rising flour
80 g finely grated parmesan
1 t seasoned pepper
3 T chopped fresh basil
150 g feta cheese, crumbled
250 ml milk

*add spinach to pan of boiling water, let simmer for about a minute, drain and press out water
*heat butter in a frying pan and sautee chopped leek and thyme until soft; add spinach, stirring on medium heat for about 5 minutes or until excess water is evaporated
*stir flour into medium bowl, stir in parmesan, pepper, basil, three quarters of the feta, spinach mixture and enough milkl for the dough to mix to a soft, sticky dough.
*turn dough onto floured surface, knead untli smooth. Divide into three pieces, shape into 14" sausages. Plait sausages together on greased baking tray, sprinkle with remaining feta.
*bake for 40 mins at about 220C (430F)

Very tasty bread, I will put up the conversion for "American's" some time this week. I recommend letting your bread cool for about 20 minutes before cutting into the loaf, or you'll be like me and get nicely squished slices that haven't finished setting.

Recipe from The Australian Women's Weekly 'Muffins and Breads' 2011

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